Calme D'or Clear Daily 30pk

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English version
Water content 58%
BC 8.7 mm
DIA 14.2 mm
Power range -0.75D ~ -6.00D (0.25D One step)
-6.50D ~ -10.00D (0.50D One step)
UV protection UV-A & UV-B protection
Packing 30 PACK PER BOX
AQUAGRIP ® Technology :
Aquagrip technology refers to dehydration resistant characteristic of Hioxifilcon-A lens materials. This characteristic is due to glycerol methacrylate having two OH groups per monomer unit. The OH groups on the glycerol methacrylate will hydrogen bond with water thereby making water loss more difficult than in cases where there is no OH group on the monomer or only one OH group per monomer unit (e.g. HEMA). HEMA has only one OH group while and other monomers such as NVP have any groups. Therefore, they dehydrate faster.